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Spend less time managing compliance and more time on the work that matters.
Cold™ is a sustainability compliance platform for businesses like yours.
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Cold makes compliance as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Startups and medium-sized businesses face increasing climate reporting requirements from major retail partners. Successfully navigating sustainability compliance is quickly becoming a critical business need and Cold's platform helps unlock new opportunities while protecting against risk.
1. Connect
Connect your company's core data sources and select compliance standards essential to your business
2. Automate
Cold aggregates all sustainability requirements and identifies high-risk gaps and low-lift opportunities
3. Execute
Cold fulfills required reporting and creates a sustainability roadmap to meet future compliance milestones
“As big businesses ramp up efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, they’re putting pressure on suppliers to do the same – those who don’t may pay a big price.”
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  • Position your business for growth and unlock new sales channel opportunities
  • Retailers are prioritizing sustainable brands with their open to buy dollars
Let Us Handle the
Busy Work.
  • Spend more time achieving meaningful progress toward sustainability goals
  • Spend less time and save money on data collection, calculation, and reporting
Protect Your Business
from Sustainability Risk.
  • Future-proof your relationships with key business partners
  • Brands that fall out of compliance face the potential loss of significant revenue
“This is the product we've been waiting for.”
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Climate Action > Carbon Accounting The answer to the climate crisis is emissions reduction, not carbon credits, and yet carbon accounting companies are still focused on selling questionable offsets and removal. With the credibility of 'net zero' going up in smoke, your customers, investors, and employees are demanding credible climate action and we make it fast and easy to get started. We've done our homework so you don't have to. Cold offers vetted turn-key solutions and proven playbooks from industry leaders that deliver measurable results.  
Cold’s mission is to unlock the climate impact potential of startups and medium-sized businesses.
Our Founders
Eric Dayton Founder / CEO
Co-founder and CEO of Askov Finlayson, a climate positive winter outerwear company and certified B Corp. In 2019, Eric was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.
Dan Lindquist Co-Founder / CTO
As a co-founder and senior executive at MainStreet, Dan has been driving innovation and execution for SMB-focused products throughout his career at MainStreet, Google, and Intuit.
Our Advisors
Maxine Bédat Founder and Director New Standard Institute
Maxine Bédat is the founder and director of New Standard Institute, a think and do tank using data to drive accountability and sustainable analysis in the fashion industry. Maxine is the author of “UNRAVELED: The Life and Death of a Garment” and was named to Fast Company’s list of ‘The Most Creative People In Business 2022.’
Jonathan Foley, Ph.D. Executive Director Project Drawdown
Jonathan Foley is executive director of Project Drawdown, the leading resource for climate solutions. A world-renowned environmental scientist, sustainability expert, author, and public speaker, Jonathan previously served as the executive director of the California Academy of Sciences, the greenest and most forward-thinking science museum on the planet.
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